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Our AML Audit Services

Our AML Audit Services

Enforcement action from regulators frequently highlights the need for relevant financial businesses to carry out regular audits of their AML policy and procedures, to identify absent or out of date information and documentation, perform gap analyses, and to regularly assess risk factors affecting their business.

During an AML audit we will examine items including:

  • Copies of AML/CFT manuals and policies, operational manuals, or in their absence, policies and procedures on areas under assessment;

  • Samples of forms, agreements, reporting and relevant KYC/CDD records;

  • Transaction records;

  • Training materials;

  • Compliance registers such as training registers, risk registers;

  • Internal management or board reports; and 

  • Copies of regulatory correspondence.

The report will include recommendations as to ways in which findings can be addressed and a suggested timeline for the implementation of any necessary remedial work.

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