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Our Sanctions, PEP and 
Adverse Media Screening Services

Our Sanctions, PEP and 
Adverse Media Screening Services

By utilizing in-house tools and external resources, our team of experts can provide comprehensive screening services, ensuring that you remain compliant with the AML/KYC requirements across various rules and regulations.

We have developed a variety of screening packages that can cater to your requirements. Services include:

Sanction checks on all current sanction lists including:

  • United Nations Security Council Consolidated List

  • European Union Consolidated List

  • United States OFAC SDN and Consolidated Non-SDN Lists

  • MAS Lists of Designated Individuals and Entities

  • MAS Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act

  • United Kingdom Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation

  • Securities and Futures Commission

  • Other country specific sanction lists and financial regulator enforcement list as required

  • Checks to assess if the individual or entity is from a jurisdiction or having association with other individuals and entity from jurisdictions considered as having Enhanced Country Risk (e.g. Iran, North Korea, Libya)

  • Checks on all featured and official lists (e.g. Interpol Red Notices, FBI Crime Alert and Singapore Police Wanted List)

  • Checks to identify if any individual is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or an entity is a State-Owned Corporation (SOC)

  • Adverse media checks if the individual or entity is associated with serious crimes (e.g. corruption, tax crime, terrorist financing, money laundering)


Upon completion, AML Services shall supply you with a report summarizing the findings.

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